With decades of experience in this sector, we are one of the leading companies in Dubai U.A.E for any kind of false ceiling and partition related requirements. Our range of products includes all gypsum related material, including innovative products like BoardeX, which can be used for outside as well as internal places where there is a problem with humidity and moisture, and CoreX, our ultra-light gypsum board. Our works also consist of designer finishing false ceilings & dry-wall partitions that can be altered to any expected outcome. 

We also have a huge choice of designer ceiling tiles that can be used for providing audile insulation. The various types of insulation we stock include those that do not need any dismantling of your current ceiling, but simply adding on, with minimal disruption. We also offer the regular ceiling tiles found in various locations in school buildings, studios, hospitals, labs, etc, offering the specifications your need for your business. 

We also offer various partitioning solutions, with a choice of double-glazing windows, different colored blinds and aluminum frames, as well as door frames and sliding doors for your company needs. Interior Decoration